Tattoo Artist

Today, people choose to be tattooed for artistic, cosmetic, sentimental/memorial, religious, and magical reasons.Many tattoos serve as rites of passage, marks of status , symbols of religious and spiritual devotion, decorations for bravery,and marks of ranking and pledges of love, and protection. The symbolism and impact of tattoos varies in different places and cultures. Tattoos may show how a person feels about a relative (commonly mother/father or daughter/son) or about an unrelated person.

The cosmetic surgery industry continues to see a trend of increased popularity for both surgical and noninvasive procedures. When used as a form of cosmetic, tattooing includes permanent makeup and hiding or neutralizing skin discolorations. Permanent makeup is the use of tattoos to enhance eyebrows, lips (liner and/or lipstick), eyes (liner), and even moles usually with natural colors, as the designs are intended to resemble makeup.

A growing trend in the US and UK is to place artistry over the surgical scars of a mastectomy “More women are choosing not to reconstruct after a mastectomy and instead cover over the scar tissue instead with an tattoo…. The mastectomy tattoo will become just another option for post cancer patients and a truly personal way of regaining control over post cancer bodies and proving once and for all that breast cancer is not just a pink ribbon.”The tattooing of nipples on reconstructed breasts remains in high demand,

Tattoo Removal 

While tattoos are considered permanent, it is sometimes possible to remove them, fully or partially, with laser treatments. Typically, black and some colored inks can be removed more completely than inks of other colors.  laser removal treatment options are always available for those who want to remove a tattoo.