About Hair Essentials Salon Studios in Ann Arbor, MI

Hair Essentials Salon Studios is an upscale beauty plaza that offers independent beauty professionals the opportunity to maximize their career potential with individual boutiques to build their clientele and their profits.

Our private luxurious salon suites are custom designed to assist beauty service professionals go from booth to boss enabling them to assert control over their creative investments and their own success.

From Booth to Boss, The Hair Essential Salon Studio Brand is built on supporting the community of beauty service professionals. We will give you guided assistance that will help to maintain an environment beneficial for your business continued success.

Hair Essentials Salon Studios features:

  • All utilities are included in lease price: water, electricity, Internet, Wi-Fi
  • Well-kept common area restrooms for you and your clients
  • State-of-the-art ventilation system to keep studio fresh
  • Complimentary commercial laundry facilities
  • Style clients in front of well-lit large mirrors
  • Styling chair and station, shampoo chair and shampoo bowl and hair dryer.
  • Special allowances or equipment packages are available for Aestheticians, Massage Therapists, Industry Consultants, Beauty Retail Professionals, and others.
  • Flexibility with 24/7 studio access
  • Private entry with locking studio and security cameras.
  • Save money with start-up marketing package.