Eyebrow Threading in Ann Arbor, MI

Eyebrows can either make or mar the way you look. Yes, how you frame your looks highly depend on the shape of your eyebrow. Well-groomed eyebrows can change the way you look and make you appear younger and more attractive than ever. On the other hand, a wrongly done eyebrow can pile up aging on your face and you will end up looking older than you actually are. So, what is the best way to shape your eyebrows? Eyebrow threading is a very popular technique of shaping the eyebrow that is done with the help of cotton threads. Apparently, it is a more popular concept in the East than in the Western world. The actual process of threading includes a twisting action in which the thread traps the hairs and pulls it out of the follicle.

Those who use this trick of eyebrow threading, explain it to be a gentle, almost painless, and smooth way of getting rid of the eyebrows. Mostly preferred in the eastern countries like India and China, threading is now gaining popularity in the western countries also.

History of Eyebrow Threading

The origin of threading is said to lie in the eastern cultures and is believed to have started in either Turkey or India. Usually, it is considered as a process of marking the adulthood in women. But, if we look closely, it is more of a sanitary practice that helps the women look prim and beautiful. Globally, it is known as threading, but in Arabic, people call it “Khite” and in Egypt it is “Fatlah”. According to the past references, around 6000 years ago the Persian women used to have their eyebrow threaded before their marriage. This made them look beautiful and also marked their adulthood.

It is said that even Iran holds it as a sacred ceremony that takes place before the marriage. Many other Asian countries like Azerbaijan and Tajikistan took it as a symbol of purity of women and virility of men. However, there is no actual reference of where it all got started.

The threading stories also come from the cities of Afghanistan where they offer a mini pack to the US soldiers on duty. The pack included a haircut, shave as well as complimentary eyebrow shaping.

During the process of threading, the practitioners use their mouth to hold the thread and did it in a way that the thread did not touch the skin. Some of the women do get their other body parts threaded including, the forehead, upper lips, sideburns, chins and cheek areas.

On a good note, threading has already hit the United States and many of the beauty salons are already opting it as a means of eyebrow shaping. However, most of the beauty parlor owners have either learned it from the eastern tutors or the parlor itself is owned by an eastern owner. It is even possible that the threading method differs from country to country and mostly depends on the artist’s training and experience.

What Makes Threading So Popular

Wondering why this age-old method is preferred so much?

Well, there are numerous reasons that make threading such a popular and preferred hair removing option. Having been in practice since the era of Cleopatra, threading is a very gentle way to get rid of the unwanted facial hair. The best part is that it is non-toxic, safe, and a fantastic hair removal method that doesn’t accumulate any bothersome procedures.

Take a deep insight and you will find that apart from doing away with unwanted hair, it also maintains the elasticity of the skin. Threading is a kind of exfoliation that imparts a brighter skin tone and maintains the smoothness of the skin.

There won’t be any roughness or irritation caused to the skin and you will simply get glowing, soft skin. Threading can be considered even by those who have sensitive skin as opting for any other hair removal technique can cause damage to their skin. As, it doesn’t include any chemical or heat-stimulating product, it is obvious to pass the sensitivity criterion with full marks. Altogether, it is a safe pick whether you have oily, dry or sensitive skin.

Talking about why it is preferred so much, we have enlisted some of the top benefits of threading:

Benefits of Threading

No Dangerous Chemical; No Pain- No wax, no harsh chemicals, no artificial fragrances! There is nothing in threading that can harm your skin. Just a cotton thread and cotton and voila! You won’t feel any heat or even considerable pain during the procedure. Just a few minutes and you will be done with it.

Good for Sensitive Skin- Sensitive skin always finds it difficult to undergo any hair removal process, yet with eyebrow threading, it can be done easily. While other hair removing techniques can give rise to blotches and inflammation, threading won’t lead to any such situation.

Maintains Skin’s Elasticity- Threading helps boosting the blood circulation in the particular skin area on which it is done, hence improving the skin texture. It even offers exfoliation to the skin that in turn makes the skin lighter and retains the glow. After threading, you will feel your skin to be smooth, flexible, and soft.

Long Lasting- Usually the eyebrow hair comes back within 2 weeks, but with threading it will not show up until the 3rd week. Also, the volume gets lighter with time as threading damages the hair follicles and hinders further growth. You will experience lighter and lesser hair with time.

Affordability- Well, threading is considered as an extremely affordable option as the practitioner just needs to acquire the skills of performing the task. No added expenses from his side, so even you won’t have to pay much.

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