Types of Hair Braids

Braids are mostly synthetic and are therefore better as braided extensions. They come in a number of varieties including Kanekalon and Marley hair. The former is more synthetic while the latter mimics the natural hair texture. Each of these braids can be used in a variety of ways and for different braiding styles including:



Box Braids

Box braids are the most common for people who use braid extensions. The hairstylist sections your hair into a small chunk, depending on the size of braids you want. The braid is also sectioned to fit the size of your partitioned hair. The braid is attached at the base of your scalp into a three-strand braid. The same is repeated until all the sections of your hair are covered.

Box braids are further divided into more styles depending on the length of your hair and the braids you want. You can opt for bob box braids which can either run just above your neck or to the base of your neck. You can also opt for longer braids which run along your back.



Feed-In Cornrows

Feed-in cornrows are braided lines. Unlike the usual cornrows where you braid your hair all the way to the nape of your neck, feed-in cornrows are slightly different. For this, you add in small sections of the braid along the cornrow until you achieve the thickness you want for each cornrow. Once this is done, the next step is to keep braiding till you run out of hair and synthetic hair. These are also known as Ghanaian or goddess cornrows. You can style them with different hair jewelry including beads to spruce them up and make them look much better.



Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are very similar to sew-in weaves. The mode of installation involves passing the braid under a conrow, which acts as the base. The hair is then tied into a knot or a loop to secure it in place. Unlike sew-in weaves, this method does not apply as much tension on your follicles. It is important to have the conrow braided loosely to ensure that the tension to your scalp is kept at a minimum level.


For crochet braids, you can still braid them to look like box braids or conrows. You also have the option to leave them open in the style of a weave. The great thing about using Marley hair is that you get to achieve a more natural look if you have kinky or curly hair since this hair apes this type of texture.



There is a lot you can do with synthetic braid extensions. In addition to the three popular braiding styles, you can install micro twists or Havana twists; make a faux bun or goddess crown to give an illusion of fuller and more voluminous hair. There are limitless options as to how you can choose to give your hair a break. The good thing about hair braids is that you get to have them in for a short period of time plus they are not as expensive as other hair extensions.

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