Hair Salon in Ann Arbor, MI

Whether you are looking for space to open a salon of your own or looking for a good hair salon, you will first need to know the types of services that are offered at such an establishment. This allows you to offer variety if you are a hairstylist and to have a one-stop shop for all your hair needs if you are a customer. Some of these services include:

Cleaning, Conditioning and Styling

The first thing that makes people go to the salon often is the need for hair to be cleansed or clarified. There is a normal washing routine that some people have. It could be daily, certain days in the week or for longer periods of time. It all depends on how fast your hair and scalp gets dirty and greasy. Some people are not able to wash their hair as often and when they do they prefer to let a professional do it. This has its advantages if you find a good hairstylist. Cleaning or cleansing involves shampooing your scalp and rinsing it once all the dirt is done away with.

After cleansing, the next step is conditioning. Although this is not mandatory, it is an important part of all hair care routine. It helps to add moisture to your hair. Moisture is a necessary component if you would like to promote hair growth. Apart from regular conditioning, there is deep conditioning. The latter is more intense than the former and mostly needs you to use heat. Driers, heat caps and steamers are used to provide the heat which opens the cuticles so the hair can get moisture and other nutrients to the fullest. It is therefore best to condition your hair at the salon where all of the equipment is readily available.

Finally, at the end of shampooing and conditioning, your hair should be styled. This can either be done using heat tools such as blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons or using other tools such as rollers and flexirods.


Hair salons also offer coloring services. While you can color your hair at home using box dye, it is best to get a professional to color your hair. There are certain precautions that you should take when dying your hair. It is very easy to dry out your hair leading to breakage if you do not follow the precise instructions, treat and condition your hair often. Hairstylists know how to follow the instructions to the letter. They would also know how to take care of color-treated hair at every salon visit.

The other advantage of getting a hair stylist to color your hair is that the color is less likely to backfire. Store-bought dye does not always look the same as the shade on the outer part of the box. At home, you would not know how to tell if the color is changing the way you like. Hair stylists are trained to do this so you are much safer at a salon when it comes to coloring your hair.

Installing Extensions

Hair extensions are all the rage: from sew in weaves, clip-in, tape-in and micro links or keratin fusion extensions. People want to have a full head of long hair and it looks best when you get the extensions installed at a salon. There are different methods of installing these extensions and different types of hair to use. With a hairstylist, you can choose the best extensions to get for the strength and length of your hair. You would also be able to get your extensions professionally dyed without damaging the quality of hair if you opted for a salon. In addition to this, you can get the extensions cut to your liking and to better blend in with your hair.

Apart from extension installation, you can also get your installations removed professionally at a hair salon. This is one of the most delicate processes because it can easily damage your hair. Extensions such as clip-ins can easily be removed at home but keratin fusion and tape extensions need special attention.

Special Services

There are other special services that are offered in hair salons. One of these is tweezing, threading and shaping of eyebrows.  Since the eyebrows are made up of hair, it makes sense that the service would be offered at a hair salon. You should, however, consider looking at other customers just to see if the stylist understands the shape you would want for your eyebrows. This is an important feature of your face because it shapes it.